Humax freesat not recording

Freesat and Humax believe everyone should be able to enjoy great entertainment, the best technology and amazing customer service without monthly bills. The award winning on-screen TV guide that is easy to use via the remote control and enables you to quickly find the TV you want to watch, whenever you want.

Catch up on the last 7 days of TV across 26 channels with the easy to use roll back TV guide and never miss a show. By regularly visiting Showcase you will always be informed of what is best to watch. Download for free the Freesat app. In the TV Guide you will easily be able to select what programmes, movies and Radio shows to record, by selecting the programme and pressing the record button on the remote.

You will be prompted about series recording and programme clashes so you never miss any of your favourites. Recordings are arranged by programme, just like a TV box set, so making your selection of what to watch even easier. You can pause and rewind live TV at the touch of a button allowing you to pause for a cup of tea or answer that door. Depending on what hard drive size your box has you can record and store up to hours in HD of your favourite programmes.

If your Wi-Fi is not strong enough use the supplied Ethernet cable to connect to your router. Playback videos and pictures on your main TV screen for all to see or listen to music files.

Easy set up with intuitive remote control, set up takes minutes with the built in on screen instructions and simple to use hand held remote.

Up to two years free warranty when registered with Humax, giving you confidence in the quality of build and technology, with no repair costs should your product go faulty in the first two years of use. Connected to LNB 1 input and with a single feed same dual recording possibilities as the Foxsat. See this FAQ for what you can record and watch:. Only appear to display if tuner is actually active, whether this is a power saving feature, or error is not known at time of posting this.

Humax FreeSat problems

This is fixed in software version 1. With the advent of software version 1. The default action is to connect to network via DHCP, no manual options appear to be available - however you can set up a manual connection, one example:.

Boot time: Is approx. Standby Normal - approx. If you are using more than one of the following receivers in the same location you can change the remote control coding so that the remote control commands do not conflict. If your remote is of the multi-function type, i.

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Settings System information Highlight General info then press the following coloured buttons. Freesat Subscription Free Satellite TV Freesat and Humax believe everyone should be able to enjoy great entertainment, the best technology and amazing customer service without monthly bills.

Catch up on TV from the last seven days Catch up on the last 7 days of TV across 26 channels with the easy to use roll back TV guide and never miss a show. View Humax Eye. TV at your fingertips Download for free the Freesat app. User Manuals. Remote Control Code List. Warranty Registration. Contact Us. Humax and Freesat are currently investigating. For now, if you are experiencing this issue, our advice is to connect your set top box to your television with a SCART or Composite cable rather than an HDMI cable while we continue to look into the issue.

Alternatively, as with any upgrade, a version of the software is available on the Humax website to restore the set-top box to the last release.We use cookies to make the site easier to use.

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humax freesat not recording

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New Post. Go to Category. Grabbit while you can It's Gone, but was it any good? I won! HappySeagull Forumite posts. However, it has a fatal habit of not recording scheduled programs, especially those on "series link" - at least five times in two months, it has either lost the series altogether, or scheduled future programs without recording the current episode.

At the point of deciding that it's not fit for purpose, Sky have now coincidently offered us six months free HD for the basic channels. Before we send the Humax back, has anyone overcome this problem?

5 Best Freesat Recorder Box 2020 – [FULL UK REVIEW]

The software is all updated. I have one and haven't encountered the problems you have with series recordings. I did have an issue a little like that with a Freeview box at my holiday caravan and that turned out to be a poor antenna signal so it may be worth checking your signal quality - could be something as simple as the f connectors being badly connected when you swapped boxes.

Regarding the power light - it does have one but it's right on the bottom and reflects off the surface below. Not sure why they thought that was a good idea but it does reduce the number of annoying bright leds that seem to proliferate these days.

Humax Freesat+ HDR-1000S 1TB - Overview

Startup time from standby imo is reasonably quick. It may be that you are powering it off rather than putting it on standby. Could possibly be why it misses some episodes in a series record too. Interface is, I suppose, a matter of personal preference and I find it pretty intuitive albeit requiring a few more button presses than I'd regard as strictly necessary.

Gers Forumite 8. I like to power off the box each night. Generally I always switch things off at night but it would be interesting to leave it on for a week or so and see if this cures the problem. I found that the recording was unreliable.I confess myself a little disappointed from this decision as I have always recommended and supplied where possible Humax equipment for our Freesat installations.

This is because of all the manufacturers that were producing Freesat equipment including Bush, Grundig, Manhattan among others the Humax range was always a cut above the rest. During my trainee years at a previous company when Freesat was first released initially we installed the Metronic Freesat boxes, there was about 10 receivers that went out and of the 10, 9 were returned faulty.

From there on Humax was chosen as the only brand that would be installed as it was the most preffered model by our customers and by far gave us the least problems.

Humax were a little bit more expensive than the other manufacturers but were by far the most reliable which is why I was happy to recommend them. For the immediate short term you will still be able to able to purchase Humax Freesat boxes while stocks last but heading into these will start to no longer be available.

For the time being I will still recommend Humax Freesat products, but going forward if you can hold out the Arris 3rd generation Freesat products will be available in We do not offer free over the phone technical advise or support and Gemma in the office is under strict instructions to not give my mobile phone number out, so please do not ask.

Written by professional AV installer. Read this for all you need to know about the Crystal Palace Freeview TV Transmitter, inc's info on broadcasting frequencies, polarisation. June 25, June 10, June 4, A warm welcome from Tom Smart Thanks for stopping by, click play for a brief introduction to our company.

humax freesat not recording

Your Free Guide is on it's way, please check your e-mail now! What our customers are saying DIY Guides - How to do it all yourself!

Click below to see all of our DIY guides. Perfect if you only have a small job. Over Happy Customers. Connect With Us. Email address protected by JavaScript. Activate JavaScript to see the email. Digital Aerials. I think that you have come to the right place, but you may not yet. To make life as easy as possible for you I have tried to create our site which shows us to the best of our ability.We strongly believe that at this point in time, Freesat plus video on demand services are the best way to go for people who want maximum entertainment for minimum cost.

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Freesat itself currently delivers about channels some of which are in HD. These cover everything from your core channels such as BBC to more niche options such as international channels. Even Sky have quietly conceded that they had better establish themselves in this area and have made themselves the proud owners of Now TV, which allows people to buy month-by-month contracts to access Sky content, including Sky Sports and premium TV such as the mighty Game of Thrones.

Sports fans, in particular, may want to look at ditching their Sky contract since it is no longer a guarantee that you will be able to watch the top matches in the most popular sports. Other video on demand providers, notably BT and Amazon, are also eager to grab a slice of this market and have already claimed some EPL matches.

We love catch up TV, but even so, there are times when the only feasible way to see a programme is to record it for later. Read Our Article Here. In terms of both functionality and price, the Technomate sits roughly in the middle of the Edision boxes and the Humax boxes below.

In fact, in certain situations it might even be a bonus. Secondly, the Technomate is ahead of the pack in one interesting respect, which is that it can record no less than three programmes at once while playing back anotherso parents, for example, could opt to record programmes for their children, then attach the USB drive to a computer and divide up the files so each child has their own curated set of programmes to watch as they wish within parental guidelineswithout necessarily being allowed to use the Freesat recorder themselves.

When it comes to satellite receivers in general and satellite recorders in particular, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that Humax is the only name in town. In terms of functionality, if you can dream it, Humax can do it, or something like that. It is, however, worth holding on to your remote if you can, since its intuitive layout makes it very easy to get direct access to useful functions like the ability to pick up where you left off when you were interrupted.

We can also say that, in our opinion, the Humax also looks good. Best Freesat HD recorder for people who love their TV and want the best possible experience they can get. Neither of these boxes comes with internal storage. Setting up and using these devices is perfectly straightforward. Kevin is a fitness fanatic and award-winning product reviewer.

Kelvin loves his job and passing on his knowledge. Appeared on TV numerous times. Always smiling and raising money for charity in between service the demand for his talents.

Freesat pulling out of Humax and TVs

This site is community driven and all reviews and opinions toward the products are welcomed. Join us, join in, save and live in luxury, for less.

Product Features Photos. More Details. Product Photos. Last update was on: July 14, am. Save Saved Removed 3. Kelvin Cooper. Related deals. Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0. We will be happy to hear your thoughts. Leave a reply Cancel reply.Hi I'm new here and hope this is the right place to post this.

I've had a Humax HDR s for a couple of weeks and finding it really good owned 2 humax boxes previously freesat and freeview. The problem I'm having is that its not recording series. It gives me the option of recording a series and all looks good in the planner but it doesn't actually record anything.

The instruction to record future episodes is still there in the 'planned' section but nothing is recorded. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known problem.

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There are known problems with 1. Can you try setting a power on timer on the box about an hour before your first recording is due on any day until a complete fix is found? Thank you, tried that last night and it worked fine. You are welcome, if you do get any recording failures, can you post channel and programme?. It's all usefull data.

Hi I'm also new to my Humax s and have only had this up and running for a day or so. I have read a few forum topic posts but can someone please clarify? Does the s currently not automatically record things whilst in standby, like the sky HD box, for example would do?

In other words does it have to be power on to record anything? Seems a little daft that it cannot do this if this is the case, as recording whilst in standby is surely a fundamental requirement for such an expensive piece of kit. Many thanks in advance for your replies. It is broadcasting Mon-Fri pm for the next 5 weeks. When I checked on Sunday the planner showed Monday pm set - but that did not record.

Overall, not at all reliable. And no indication of one-minute 'failed' recording that I've read about. I have the box set to start at and stop at as recommended. I see the latest recommendation is to power up the box at hour before the first recording is due. Will that help? Note: Channel shows an a good signal. Barry administrator Joined: Feb '11 Posts: 9, Further testing by members has revealed that if timer is not within approx 2 hrs 30 mins of power on timer then it will still fail.

You could use start padding, downside is though this will stop the timer at the billed time, so if programme overran you would miss the end. DevonLad member Joined: Dec '12 Posts: Glad I checked back on this topic. Hopefully any fix will also include some sort of notification that a recording has failed.

I have retained a scheduled recording for Breakfast, it will fail every day until a fix is issued just as a quick check. Failed recording messages are generated by other unrelated failures so presumably this will be retained. This was a series record that has been successfully recording for the past month.

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The episode did show in the planned recordings. RSS feed for this topic. Please Login or Register.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Freesat pulling out of Humax and TVs. Thread starter seka Start date Jul 9, My guess is that they get sky to make theirs boxes that way when sky has a foothold in they can try and upsell Anyone else got any info on this?

TJT1 Member. But obviously it will depend on model. Things have gone very quiet on the Freesat front of late. I've seen nothing about the new box for months. I think as a company Panasonic are a bit of a busted flush. Their products seem very 'me too' of late. Not impressed, given the cost of the PVR. Their support for Freeview seems to be on the wane now, certainly in terms of new PVRs, and it doesn't surprise me that their new TVs will not longer have Freesat tuners.

There's been very little by way of advertising for it of late. The loss of C4HD and the catch-up service All4 hurt the platform and I don't think that it's recovered. It doesn't surprise me that Humax is pulling-out of the Freesat market.

The sales just aren't there, but unless there are options, either with TVs that offer Freesat or external boxes available, then it's effectively Sky or nothing if you want satellite.

Sure, there are FTA boxes available that work to a degree, but they're not user friendly. I think that Freesat is effectively dead. Nothing more to see here, move on MJH Active Member. Freesat is absolutely not dead. There are still Humax boxes for sale and many people use it as their main platform.

In any long term plan I would expect it would be terrestrial that is for the chop.

humax freesat not recording

It is expensive to broadcast and could be replaced by either satellite or IPTV. IPTV in say 10 years should be able to meet all our needs except for those most isolated where satellite could still be used.

humax freesat not recording

MJH said:.Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Sign In Register. Sign up to Digital Spy's newsletter to get the biggest news and features sent straight to your inbox. Ferndog Posts: 90 Forum Member. It still shows the recording symbol on the channel lists.

There is plenty of room on the HD. I have tried to delete planned recordings as some are way out of date but nothing happens when I press OK. I don't think a factory reset affects recordings; you would need a format disk for that.

Peter the Great Posts: 13, Forum Member. Yet another Humax box that no longer records. Mine did this in late November and no longer even recognizes the hard drive. So I can longer record and all my recordings I had have disappeared. Sorry but these Humax boxes are a joke. Hard drives fail. That is what they do. Have you tried replacing the drive to see if that gets the machine back up and running? AlanO Posts: 3, Forum Member. Knowing the model would help. There has been a number of failures on newer Humax Freetime boxes recently.

The hard disk is not faulty when tested as above. Some even start working again after a extended period powered down. Humax and Freesat are aware of the issue and attempting to locate the problem.

There is more on these sort of problems on the My Humax forum which is probably worth a visit for those affected. I know when I researched round the model I have people were apprehensive about the foxsat but I still love it!

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