Van seat track system

Wheelchair Vans and Transporters can now be converted from ambulatory transport to wheelchair transport. The modular SmartFloor technology allows easy and quick moving of seats and wheelchair positions nearly anywhere within the van, or seats can be moved to the lift for removal.

Innovative seat bases with wheels means no lifting — simply roll to the lift for removal or keep on the van and move to another spot to make room for wheelchairs. Need some extra legroom for the passenger in a leg cast? No problem!

Simply move a seat back a few inches.

van seat track system

Wheelchair Vans and Transporters can now be converted from ambulatory transport to wheelchair transport and back as often as needed, taking just a few seconds per seat. The vans with SmartFloor can fit up to four standard wheelchairs or twelve ambulatory passengers! Call today for more information! Today's full size vehicles offer the safety of uni-body design, improved gas mileage and more.

Likewise, there are new innovations available in wheelchair accessibility that will increase it's use and time on the road. This FREE 6 page guide will show you multiple ways you can save with a no-compromise, infinitely configurable accessible transportation vehicle. Prices 1 Prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, shipping, document or title fee, delivery expenses including freight, prep or dealer fees, any electronic filing charge, any NMEDA charge and emission testing charge.

Prices are subject to change; please see store for details and eligibility of any rebates.

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We reserve the right to change any information at any time, including prices and make no guarantee on the accuracy of the information contained herein. Estimated Payment will be an approximation, actual payments from a financial institution may vary. Subject to credit approval and terms. Actual fuel economy will vary for many reasons, including driving conditions and how the vehicle was driven and maintained.

Free Service Pick-up and Delivery 9 Free pick-up and delivery for service customers within the continental United States. Skip to content. Contact Regional Sales Managers. A Closer Look at SmartFloor. SmartFloor Seat Install Instructions. Vehicle Inquiry. Morning 9ampm Afternoon 12pm-5pm Evening 5pm-8pm.Our trailer tie-down systems are the easiest way to prevent cargo from shaking, vibrating or sliding around during transport.

van seat track system

We have complete tie-down kits along with separate rails, plates, and straps for use with enclosed haulers, cargo vans and trucks. Using ratchet straps with E-hooks and S-hooks, soft looks, and an E-track, you can create a smooth, efficient tie-down process when loading your bike for transit:. View Product.

E-Track Tie Down Ring. Q'Straint Regular L-Track. Q'Straint Surface Track. Q'Straint Flange Track. Set of 2" Wide Soft Straps. Wheel Tie Down Straps. Car Wheel Tie Down Straps.

Close Save changes. How to Tie-Down a Motorcycle using E-Tracks Using ratchet straps with E-hooks and S-hooks, soft looks, and an E-track, you can create a smooth, efficient tie-down process when loading your bike for transit: Before loading up, anchor two E-tracks to the right side of the trailer, and two on the left.

Slip two E-hook ends of your four ratchet straps into one side of the track and move them out of the way. Repeat on the other side. Load your bike using a secured ramp, and sit the front wheel in a wheel chock. Attach two soft loops to each handlebar, and two on the rear frame.

Connect the S-hooks of your ratchet straps to the soft loops and tighten. Try not to over-compress the suspension while ensuring the bike is firmly tied down.L-Track, also known as Logistic Track or Airline Track is a versatile tie-down system consisting of aluminum rails, fittings, and straps used to secure a range of cargo. The L-Track adjustable cargo track can be installed on trailers and pickup truck beds; in vans and enclosed trailers; even utility trailers or vehicles on the farm, construction site, manufacturing facility, etc.

You can use an L-Track Aluminum Track Rail nearly anywhere you need to secure cargo quickly and easily. The multiple round openings on the rails allow for quick attachment of spring fittings so you can create a custom tie-down at any point in the rail.

L-Track Tie Down Systems

Aluminum L-Track is designed with a narrower profile than traditional E-Trackmaking it ideal for use with pickup trucks, vans, and other vehicles where space may be limited. L-track singles can also be installed on ATVs, skid loaders, garden tractors, etc.

And don't forget custom tie downs straps are always an option. See our custom straps page for more information. We offer L-Track in 4 different styles so it's easy to find a design that suits your specific needs. Standard L-Track is our most popular style of logistic tie-down track and features the narrow profile L-Track is known for but has been updated to offer a range of popular colors.

All our colored L-track has a durable, powder-coated finish to resist abrasions and protect the aluminum. We stock 6", 12", 24", 48", 72", and 96" lengths; all with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Our Standard L-Track is suitable for both surface and flush-mounted installations.

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Aircraft Style L-Track features a square profile, like our Standard L-Track, but is made from a stronger, high-quality grade for applications requiring extra strength than regular aluminum L-Track. This style of tie-down rails was made popular in the airline industry as a way to secure seats, but the versatility of tie-down tracks makes them an excellent choice for many consumer tie-down applications.

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Although this heavy-duty aluminum track is still known by a variety of similar airline terms airline track, airline track tie-downs, airline cargo straps, airplane cargo tie-down rails, aircraft-style seat trackit's important to note that not all grades of this heavy-duty aluminum tracking are FAA certified for use in the airline industry. Angled L-Track features sloped edges, making it easier to roll items such as motorcycles, ATVs, utility carts, and other wheeled-objects over the tie-down track.

Angled L-Track is for surface mounted applications and is also commonly referred to as surface angled track or surface L-Track. Angled L-Track Tie Down Rails are common in the transportation industry as a floor anchor system for wheelchairs; however, our angled L-track is designed for recreational and cargo control use only; it is not certified for official wheelchair restraint use in buses, vans, and other transport vehicles.

Our angled aluminum tracking is made from grade T6 aluminum for superior corrosion resistance and has pre-drilled holes for easy installation. This flush-surface benefit makes it ideal for applications where wheeled-items are rolled over the track.

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Like angled L-track, this style of adjustable cargo tie-down rail system is popular in the transportation industry for floor anchor systems and wheelchair tie-downs because of the ease of rolling items across it. Our recessed L-track is designed for recreational and cargo control use only; it is not certified for official wheelchair restraint use in buses, vans, and other transport vehicles.

Our Flanged L-Track is made from grade T6 aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance and has pre-drilled holes for easy installation. A wide range of stud fittings and accessories help make L-Track Systems so versatile. Most fittings are designed to be placed at any point along the track to create an instant and secure tie-down point. You can choose from a selection of single stud fittings and double stud fittings, each with a variety of attachments, such as round rings, d-rings, delta links, bolt threads, and more.

Other accessories such as our flanged end cap and track filler strip make it easy to create a more finished look and even surface installation in your truck or trailer. While the versatility of L-Track Fittings typically allows you to use a wide range of tie-down strap options, we stock a large selection of L-Track Straps which are designed specifically to easily connect to logistic tie-down track rails and L-Track fittings. Browse our full selection to find the right tie-down straps for your application.

Contact our product experts today.Allowing you to lock your rear seats in different positions, add more travelling seats or do away with seating altogether, a track system opens up all kinds of possibilities and can double your storage space with seats still in place.

To let you decide for yourself whether your conversion needs one, here we bring you the inside track on the main types. These fit a variety of vans and take a range of Reimo beds, the most popular being the Variotech for its 3 x 3-point seatbelts and frame narrow enough to fit slimmed traditional cabinets down the side.

Rails run the length of the cabin, allowing a Reimo bed to be moved until touching the front seats or backed against the rear doors or removed completely.

Bear in mind, however, that to comply with safety regulations, a SWB version of these rails can only be locked in one the central position whilst driving. This is directly above the bracket fixing the bed to the chassis to absorb the shock of a crash and not immediately behind the driver. Additional seating options: A single forward and backward facing buddy seat B 42 x H cm with 3-point seat belt. While the main frame and legs remain bolted to the floor, the seat base slides forward and backward to free up space in the living area.

At mm, the exact amount may seem like a flash in the pan, but every little really does help when it comes to cabin space. Bear in mind that the rearward setting will eat into boot space albeit only by mm and requires the parcel shelf to be folded up if rear doors are to close. No of driving positions: 2 — Safe for travel in both the forward and rearward positions.

Safety: M1 standard. Both positions are covered by those stringent RIB safety regulations. Also leaving room fo 3 or 4 bikes in the boot for a convenient way of getting you bikes out and about.

With two buddy seats and a triple seat in the back, for example, a van is effectively a transformable people-carrier carrying up to 8. Most also plump for a mattress topper as a shield from back-gouging seatbelts and unwieldy foam.

A low-profile track recessed into the floor involves elevating the floor, and therefore also having to shave some of the height off a cabinet unit. Book a meeting Contactless shipping Covid update. Reimo Variotech — Complete flexibility and peace of mind, at a premium. The whole seating system can be removed.

RIB Slider — A little more breathing space. No of driving positions: 2 — Safe for travel in both the forward and rearward positions Safety: M1 standard.After several years of design, engineering and testing we are proud to offer the American Made AbiliTrax flooring Platform.

This unique patent pending design allows your vehicles capabilities to change as quickly as your needs do. This system is intelligent enough for the complex needs of large fleets whom need immediate change for a variety of day to day business challenges or simple enough to allow for the flexibility of a family trip to include an occasional wheelchair user. AbiliTrax is the first system to implement a completely uniform design. This means the AbiliTrax platform installed in one brand of vehicle will have the same dimensional attributes as another brand of vehicle with the AbiliTrax Platform.

Therefore fleets can have one common platform across a multitude vehicle applications. This common platform allows for sharing of component throughout the entire fleet from seats to wheelchair restraints to stretcher mounts. See It In Action. Seating is the number one component used in the AbiliTrax system. First the revolutionary Step-N-Lock seat base allow ender users to adapt to challenges in the field on the fly.

Step-N-Locks seats can be install in removed in seconds and efficiently nested together for storage. CAM Lock seats install into the AbiliTrax platform in minutes allowing for flexibility but offer a much wider variety of seating options than the Step N Lock. These options range from rugged vinyl Crew Van seats to a limo style elegant seat for the discriminating consumer. Available Seats. AbiliTrax offers a wide variety of accessories to include wheelchair lift installation plates, wheelchair tie-downs, Shoulder Belt brackets, Running boards stretcher brackets to name a few.

Most AbiliTrax Accessories inside a vehicle are made to integrate directly into the AbiliTrax Platform and can be moved or reused on another Platform. Abilitrax Accessories.

Many more applications are currently being developed. Application Guide. View Press Release Here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Leave us your questions or comments using the form below. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you promptly. Warranty Registration. One Platform, Unlimited Flexibility Uniform Design AbiliTrax is the first system to implement a completely uniform design.

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Abilitrax Accessories AbiliTrax offers a wide variety of accessories to include wheelchair lift installation plates, wheelchair tie-downs, Shoulder Belt brackets, Running boards stretcher brackets to name a few.

Randolph, NY. Questions Comments. Cancel Submit.Even when you're out living the vanlife, life isn't merely a camping trip. Which is why we're seeing more and more camper vans designed to keep up with the multi-headed beast that is daily living. Its vans are for those who want to live the van life to the fullest but still need to check in with reality on a regular basis. Its vans are versatile enough for all kinds of van trippers, but they seem best for the bicycle racer, surfer, skier or climber who wants to drag all his or her gear out to the action and spend a few days enjoying Mother Nature's finest.

Patch 1.2.4

As with other modular van builders, like TerraCamperthe foundation of the VanDoIt van is its mounting track. But VanDoIt takes things to another level, securing T-track all over — on the floor, the walls, the ceiling, the furniture frames, the storage compartments, and beyond. Using this track, customers can quickly install and remove camper furniture, rear seats, gear racks and mounts, cargo nets, and other equipment and storage solutions, making it easy to go from a fully equipped camper van, to an empty cargo van, to a sports equipment carrier, to a seven-seat people mover, or anything in between.

It gives you almost unlimited abilities to create whatever you need to haul whatever toys or gear you're hauling. Another helpful storage component of the VanDoIt conversion, the gear slide secures bikes, boards, camping gear, work tools, supplies, or whatever else you need to haul, sliding its way through the double rear doors for easy access.

The slide is, of course, framed out and covered in T-track, helping you secure down your cargo. It can hold up to lb kgand you can even drop a mattress on top, creating a pair of bunk beds in combination with the upper bed frame also made out of T-track.

The upper bed uses a hydraulic lift system to adjust up and down around cargo and sleeping campers. The T-track-framed furniture and diamond-plate commercial flooring don't necessarily add up to the softest, warmest camper cabin you've ever seen, but VanDoIt focuses on marine-grade durability above all else.

It wants its vans to last, through the thick and thin of muddy boots, dusty bikes, snow-crusted skis, dripping wet surfboards, and other odds and ends coming and going from inside the cabin. Everything including our flat surfaces are marine-grade and have drainage ports — you could literally take a shower in that van. Buyers can also add a microwave. The kitchen block can be used inside the van, where it's mounted to the floor in place of seating, or connected to the outside hookup for open-air camp cooking.

An off-grid electrical package keeps the refrigerator humming, the water pump flowing, and the entertainment system buzzing, among other things. In addition to the solar panels, the batteries can charge via shore power connection or from the vehicle's engine, giving you plenty of versatility in remaining powered up. The electrical system is also e-bike friendly, so you can charge your electric bike battery from the van, before getting out there and exploring tracks and trails too narrow for a lumbering van.

At camp, some will be perfectly happy staring into the campfire and starry skies, while others might go crazy missing their favorite shows.

For the latter group, VanDoIt has an extensive entertainment range. The in flat-panel TV mounts at three prewired locations: inside the front of the van, at the sliding side door, or in back wired to JL Audio marine speakers.

Parts Bin: Seat Tracks

Other VanDoIt offerings include air conditioning and heating, various roof racks, auxiliary LED lighting, a removable toilet, an onboard air compressor, and a 4x4 system from Quigley. When the road trip ends and everyday life starts back up, all that camper and adventure equipment comes out to leave you with an everyday driver for carrying the family around or bringing supplies to and from the job site. VanDoIt builds a vehicle that's meant to be driven days a year, not just for sporting day trips or camping overnighters.

It's very convertible back and forth, and it's not hard to convert it. It can be the vehicle you drive everyday — you don't have to have a lot of money invested in another vehicle.

van seat track system

Custom-built camper and adventure vans tend to come with custom-designated prices, and the VanDoIt van and its long list of available equipment is no different. This package starts with a mid-roof Ford Transit with hp kW 3. Kline is careful to note that those prices are an extension of VanDoIt's "industry promoter pricing," which was developed for industry customers and later extended to everyone.

In other words, it's limited time pricing that is likely to increase in the near future. VanDoIt is currently tooled to work primarily with Ford Transit vans.

The company plans to expand its capabilities around other vans in the future. LOG IN. Menu HOME.Heavy-duty aircraft grade L-track has a working load limit of 2, lbs. It is available in 3 profiles. We also sell mounting hardware and end caps for L-track, L-track fittings, and custom L-track straps. Due to the variables when installing L-track, we no longer carry L-track installation hardware. Aluminum aircraft L track is a heavy-duty cargo control track that installs into trailers, trucks, and vans to provide easy-to-use tie down points.

Our heavy-duty L track is made of aluminum alloy T6 with a rated Working Load Limit of 2, lbs. Each of these is available in lengths of92, 46, and 8 inches. All of these can be purchased with or without pre-drilled holes. We manufacture L-track straps with sewn-in fittings to use in all profiles of L-track. These straps help make a complete cargo control system for your trailer. We have the largest selection of straps, hooks, hangers, and fittings for L-track.

Aircraft grade L track that is 92 inches or less in length ships ground. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Narrow By 4 Products.

van seat track system

Brand Cargo Equipment.

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